Monday, July 27, 2009

This keeps me from being grumpy

So I have to admit, watching these prisoners re-enact Michael Jackson's videos/dances is fun and entertaining. But pop culture calls for skepticism. A few questions I'd love to investigate.

  1. How does a western gaze (like mine) play into this?
  2. I know almost nothing about this detention center. I'd like to know if it's run by the state or if it's private. And if it charges audiences to watch the performances, where does the money flow?
  3. Some of the prisoners clearly get more social capital out of this. Are all of them forced to participate, and how do the more marginal performers feel about their involvement?
Marga Ortigas indicates there is some consensus among the prisoners that they see this as beneficial.

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  1. What else can keep you from being grumpy? Just for future reference. :)