Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"This is Alabama. We speak English."

Anti-immigration sentiment continues to sweep across sectors of the United States. In this ad gone viral, Tim James, who hopes to be Alabama's next Governor, proposes public policy denouncing aspects of inclusive multiculturalism -- English-only drivers license exams. James appears to be riding the political wave that crashed on Arizona last month.

Of course such policies are justified by arguing that coerced institutionalized assimilation helps non-English speakers blend into American workplaces and other social settings. If this policy were implemented, however, finding work and/or getting to work would be all the more difficult for English Language Learners who needed to drive in order to pursue their occupational goals.

Also of significance, James ties English Language Learners (i.e., immigrants) to increased state costs. No surprise here -- scapegoat "alien" people of color by connecting them to the recession.

Using restrictive means to push for assimilation does nothing to help coalesce society. Knowing most immigrats want to learn English, provide for effective bilingual education.

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