Friday, March 18, 2011

ABC Poll Finds Majority of Respondents Support Gay Marriage

According to ABC News, in 2004 roughly 32% of registered voters supported gay marriage.
A national poll taken from March 10-13, 2011 of 1,005 randomly selected adults finds significant changes, namely that 53% of respondents support gay marriage (not civil unions, but gay marriage). And there are interesting, perhaps predictable, patterns.

On the support of gay marriage side:
  • 68% of those under 30 support gay marriage
  • 65% of those in their 30s
  • 52% of those in their 40s
  • 33% of senior citizens (up from 18% in 2006)
  • Female support has increased 10% points
  • Male support has increased 18% points
  • 57% of non-evangelical white Protestants now support gay marriage, up 16% points

Focusing on a perspective against gay marriage:

  • opposition rises to more than 2-1 among Republicans
  • opposition rises to more than 3-1 among evangelical white Protestants

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