Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gendered Consumerism and Romance: Sex And The City

A great synopisis of how Sex And The City reaffirms traditional notions of gender. True, there's women's sexual liberation and role reversal with regard to male objectification, but is expanded objectification how society should "even out" gender inequality? Or should we just work to stop objectifying?

I'd have to agree, Sex And The City, much like the film Just Wright, really revolves around women finding the right guy, despite their intellect and occupational prowess. And the tie between women and shopping, well, the connection is not made much tighter than in this series.

I like the term, "open cultural product" (a product that can be interpreted and enjoyed in multiple ways). However, I think given Sex And The City's character demographics (white, upper-class), their central romantic goals, and propensity for fashion, I don't know how "open" the series truly is.


  1. This tv show it's crap, i can't understand why people like to waste time in this...