Saturday, May 22, 2010

Women's Provocative Attire and "Deserved" Abuse posted the following videos that were created by ABC's "What Would You Do?" show. These shows are idiosyncratic with an extremely small, haphazard sample. Still, they illustrate very interesting and bothersome patterns in society that have been empirically proven in prior research.

In this social experiment, we see how a few bystanders are willing to intervene when witnessing clear cases of intimate partner violence (IPV) if the female victims are dressed conservatively. When dressed provocatively, however, bystanders keep their distance, some blaming the women for their own victimization, presuming she may be a prostitute (as if that merits her being abused).

Check out the videos. First, with the women dressed conservatively (sorry, may have to get through some commercials first; or if you cannot see the videos, go HERE):

Now with the same women dressed more provocatively:

Makes you wonder what you would do in such a situation. Men who work with organizations that aim to prevent violence against women often ask how they can safely intervene in these situations, in ways that are safe for them and female victims. Good teaching tool for students in classes focusing on IPV.

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